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First, look at the company’s site:

From its website, is the leading online dispensary in the whole of Canada, with customers from all over the country, such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. offers a wide selection of marijuana products such as cannabis buds, edibles, CBD oil and concentrates, laid out well once you open the website. The company provides the best and quality weed that comes in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Buds. As the most reliable online weed dispensary, guarantees you delivery of your product, 100% weight on the scale, a zero loss of potency within two months and no use of pesticide on the product. review on the internet

If you live in Canada, there is no better resource for all your marijuana needs as Reviewers consider this online dispensary as a simple, trustworthy site to visit when in need of marijuana products. With a click of a button, it will provide you with categories of all the cannabis buds, CBD oils, edibles and concentrates they sell, their detailed descriptions and prices at the bottom of each product. They also explain online delivery services they offer and the guarantees you will enjoy. Thus, you will not need to make a trip to your local dispensary as will deliver your weed products right to your doorstep.

Is legit?

With the wide variety of marijuana products in the market today, no other legit company sells marijuana products in Canada as It strives to offer most if not all types of weed. When you want to buy weed, our wide selection means that you can become their customer as you will find what works for you from them. The store offers forty sativa- dominant strains of cannabis to give you energy, which include Acapulco Gold strain, Agent Orange, AK-47, and Alaskan Thunder F, among others. To make you relax and be creative, offers indica cannabis strains such as Death Star, Afghan Kush, Afgoo Aka Afgooey and Banana Kush, among others while hybrid products include Girl Scout Cookies, Death Bubba and Trainwreck, and many more. The site also offers marijuana edibles such as brownies, candies, and chocolate, CBD oils such as CBD Oil Tincture, CBD Oil Vape Addictive, CBD Capsules, and Gummy Bears, as well as, weed concentrates. They have good sales from time to time. Product looks great!

Prices and loyalty programs offers the best prices for their products. The different varieties of weed cost 7.50 to 13.50 Canadian dollars, making it among the cheapest in the market. The cost of its CBD oil products ranges from 55.55 to 165 Canadian dollars while edibles and concentrates cost about 7 to 15 Canadian dollars. also offers loyalty programs to its customers. It awards you with a point every time you mail order any cannabis product, and once you accumulate the points, you can redeem them for any marijuana products. It also offers customers a 3% discount for bringing a friend to the site.

The shipping process

The shipping process for marijuana products by depends on a couple of things. One, the type of product ordered and the distance from the client. Usually, shipments arrive at your doorstep or your pick up point after two to three days after you place an order. However, for edibles made from scratch after placing an order, shipping may take more days. ensures they ship your products during the week except for national and provincial holidays and it takes a maximum of three days.

Personal experience with

I have been a regular recreational consumer of marijuana particularly the Banana Kush for some years now. I have been buying from different dispensaries on the way to work. However, I can say without a doubt that ordering from is by far my best experience. Your site is impressive as it made sure that I got my weed on time. Your products are organized systematically to help in making a choice, your customer service is excellent, and my payment of 7.50 Canadian dollars a gram went through very fast. What was fascinating is receiving my package right at my home in Vancouver one day early from the expected two-day delivery! Who knew it would be this simple! My work is often stressful as I have to stand all day, and I need something to make me feel relaxed and mellow once I get home or during the weekend. Getting my beautiful and quality hard buds, which smoke very smooth with intense banana euphoria as my favorite fruit, made my evenings all better and weekends exciting the entire month. Thank you for making my life simple and fun, you have a customer for life from now on. Great product charts and photos:

I am looking forward to many more purchases!

Final thoughts about the company scores solid  9/10!

If you live in Canada and you would like to purchase weed and its other products online, is the website to visit. It is the best mail order marijuana dispensary, which ensures you have a wide variety of weed products to choose from such as marijuana buds, THC oil, edibles and concentrates under one site. Their prices are affordable and have a system that rewards all its loyal customers. Moreover, you have a guarantee of high quality products, delivery within three days and experienced customer care to meet your needs. Look no further as is here for you.